Thursday, November 13, 2008

Lessons from the Prodigal Son

Tonight, while reviewing what we had read from the story of "The Prodigal Son" (from the book Five Minute Bible Stories):

Me: "The Father had lots and lots of land, didn't he boys? He was very rich. But he still wanted his sons to work anyway, didn't he?"

Boys, both nodding: "Yes."

"He wanted to teach them the value of working hard. But did the younger son want to work?"

Cameron, very proud of himself for knowing the answer: "No, he did not, Mommy!"

"So what did he do instead of working for his Father?"

Colin: "He asked his Father for his money, and then took his money and went to a new big town."

"That's right Col. And what did he do when he got to that new town?"

"He bought lots of 'spenive stuff, and went out to restaurants."

"He never thought his money was going to run out, did he?"

Cameron, "No, he did not, Mommy!"

"But one day, he went to buy something. What did he go to buy?"

Cameron, almost shouting with glee: "A belt!"

"That's right Cameron! He went to buy a belt. But when he looked in his money bag, what did he find?"

Cameron: "He had no money. No money!"

"That's right. He discovered that all of his money was gone. Do you remember what he did then, Cameron?"

Waiting.....waiting....waiting for either him or Colin to say that he had to go and find a job to earn money to buy his food.....


Cameron: "!"

**As I am sure you can imagine, I died laughing, followed by Colin, then Cameron. Of course, not to be undone, Ethan joined in as well. I then explained that while Missouri is a wonderful place to go and visit, it was certainly not the solution for the Prodigal Son's money problems. *giggle*

We reviewed the end of the story again, and then the boys were off to bed, hopefully grasping some of the understanding that coming home to our heavenly Father is the only true source of happiness.**


Julie said...

Oh Dev, you totally crack me up!
***Cackling wildly*** (but trying to do it quietly as the kids are still sleeping...)

Thanks for the laughs!

Kara said...

Oh my, that is too funny! I love it!

Anonymous said...

well get us all to Missouri, then