Thursday, November 13, 2008

What happens when a baby is tired at the table--For Julie

A couple of days ago, my friend Julie posted a video of her son (and then her daughter, too!) falling asleep in the middle of eating lunch. It reminded me of a time last summer when Cameron was that age, and did the same thing.

I just couldn't resist digging up this old video. Then, once I watched it again, I couldn't resist posting it! Poor Cameron was sooooo tired. He cried so hard when he woke up.....that is, until he spotted a cookie crumb right under his nose.

Once he spotted that sweet morsel of chocolatey goodness, all we heard was, "Cookieeee! Cookieeeeee!" and louder and louder crying, until I actually shut off the camera and gave him his way. A yummy cookie was had....

...and then it was straight to bed.

Enjoy this flashback!

**Some funny things to watch for: how long it is before Cameron takes a breath when he first starts crying; how young Ethan is; Cameron spotting the cookie crumb and chowing down on it in the middle of his crying fit (hilarious); and Cameron spotting the rest of the cookies across the table, and then pointing, saying, "cookie...cookie", only to have Colin in the background saying, "No, Cameron, it's mine" and then Cameron cry harder and say, "me, me, cookie, cookie**


Shelly said...

oh my word--that was so funny and sad at the same time--poor little lamb! i love how the cookie crumb produced instant dry eyes =)

Julie said...

I laughed my butt off at that! (Well, not really. But wouldn't that be cool if you COULD laugh your butt off? Man, I'd be a skinny minny to be sure...ANYWAY)

Poor Jib was very concerned for the "baby" in the computer. She came running right over to see what was going on, and she nearly started to cry herself!

Cam is such a cutie!

Kathy said...

Ohhhh pumpkin!!! I just want to squeeze him! Too dang funny. Much needed girl, much needed.

Seriously, when are you coming to our great state so our families can hang out?!

Sam watched the video with me and was like "Hey! They have 3 boys too!"


Julie said...

Oh my gosh! That was SO funny!! I was laughing so hard I had tears rolling down my face (and that doesn't happen too often!). And the whole crying without breathing, man was he serious! I LOVE how he just stopped when he saw the cookie, it made me Brody is sitting my lap and was laughing right along with me. You are right, this totally needed to be posted! I know we are going to be watching this again (and we already watched it 3 times!) :0)