Saturday, November 8, 2008

Ethan's hats

I realized today, after coming upon this draft, that I never published this post.

To. My. Shame.

One of the funniest moments we had at Indy Beach this summer--May I present.....

....Ethan In Hats.

There is a cute little gift shop that has all kinds of 'crazy hats'....well, Grandma MJ and I went a bit 'crazy' ourselves on poor little Ethan.

The Jester

The Spider (?)

The Wolf

The Hamburger

The Peguin
("Where's baby E?" we kept saying...Ethan got suck a kick out of it, he was laughing hysterically under the hat)

The 10 (more like 100) gallon hat

One of my favorites...the Pizza

And, last but not least, The Hot Dog

I'm so glad I came across that post.....*giggle*


The Boe's ~ said...

LOVE THEM ALL---he's such a cutie!!

Julie said...

You do realize that someday he's going to see those pictures and say "MOTHER! How could you put me in those goofy hats???"

Don't ask me how I know that.


Its A Corny Life... said...

Oh my those are funny! Every single one of them. Thanks for a good laugh on a Saturday afternoon. :-) Too cute.

jillybean said...

Ten Gallon Hat is my favorite. I love his cute little smile as he looks out from under it. :)