Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ode to the Mini

Oh, Junior Mints.

How you beckoned to me from the grocery aisle....just begging for me to whisk you into my cart.

You deceived me with your new packaging, and your brilliant new form.

Junior Mints....Minis.

"For baking with!" you said. For "Topping your dessert!"

How about for just eating plain, like I wanted to? Yes, would be good for that, also. I will be able to still indulge in your yummy, creamy, minty goodness, all the while cutting calories by consuming your smaller size.

Oh, minis.

You tricked me.

You knew that by making yourself three times smaller than the original, I would consume five times as many of you. You knew.

Your 1/2 pounder box will not deceive me again. Next time, I will *gladly* buy you, knowing full well that I will consume you in under 36 hours flat.



Kirst said...

I've never seen junior mint minis. Glad you enjoyed them. I haven't had junior mints in a very long time. Now I'll probably have a craving for them.

The Murray Crew said...

Reminds me that I need to make some Andes Mint'd LOVE 'em! =) By the way, catching up on your blog and saw the Chi-town pix and you just look beaming in every pic. You're one gorg mama. Your 4 boys are blessed to have you! =)

Jen and The Crew

Julie said...

I am not fooled by "mini" anything. I always know that if it's in a smaller size, I'll eat twice as much.

And I love junior mints.

I also love Mentos, but can't buy them because I will consume the entire roll before I get out of the parking lot. Seriously.

Right now there is a tin of Altoids in my purse, calling my name.

Hi, my name is Julie, and I'm a mint addict...

boltefamily said...

I LOVE Junior Mints! Actually I love anything mint and chocolate. Have you tried the Starbucks Peppermint Hot Cocoa? It is like Junior mints in a cup!