Thursday, November 6, 2008

Beautiful days

Tuesday--Election day--was one of the most gorgeous Fall days we have had this year. About 74 degrees, just a nice little breeze, and as sunny as it could possibly be.

Of course, with bikes and new scooters simply calling their names from outside.....we just had to go out and take advantage of what will probably be the last of these for a while.

Colin loves his new scooter/helmet/elbow pads. And, he is pretty good at that thing too, if I do say so myself!

By the way--I personally have not tried that crazy thing, and most certainly did not almost fall off and nearly severely injure myself. *Ahem*.
My little BMX stunt man :-)

And this little stink....would not look at me for anything while I was trying to get a cute one of him on his bike. He was so doing it on purpose, too.

"Ethan! Ethan....say 'cheese'! Look at Mommy, buddy....Ethan....ETHAN!? Honey, mommy just wants one good one....Ethan? Eeeeeethaaaaaan!? Oh, WHATever."

And then, of course, with the leaves now a different color than they were 3 weeks ago....I just had to get updated tree pictures!

Sweet Cameron

My boys....the Little and the Big

My sweet, always-willing-to-be-mommy's-photo-subject, 5-year-old baby

Our Tree--told you it was a new color! It is so beautiful this time of year; the outside is reddish purple, but inside (as you can see in the above pictures) it's yellow

Too bad the election results weren't as beautiful as the actual Election Day, huh?


Mama Amber said...

Your tree is so beautiful! What gorgeous fall whether. It's been raining here. Yucky.
And as always, the boys are handsome as ever.

Shelly said...

What a beautiful tree. I wish I had one in my own front yard. unfortunately we bought a lot without any trees.

Kenzie said...

Awesome pics! The boys look adorable... and your tree... well, I want one too. Pleeeeaaasseee mommy! And the election... well, I agree with your assessment!

Love you!

Anonymous said...

I read this this morning and was trying to think of people that had boys so I thought I would pass it along to you for your husband.

Anonymous said...

what absolutely gorgeous boys! My 3 boys love being outside on theor bikes too.