Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hearts at Home

Tomorrow, I am headed off to a conference!

I'm very excited. I've been to lots and lots of conferences before, but they have all been work related--PartyLite work, that is.

I say, "but they have all been work related" as if this conference is not work related; but, truly, for me, it is. It is intrinsically related to my most favorite 'job' of all--being a wife and a mommy.

The mission of Hearts at Home is to encourage, educate, and equip women in the profession of motherhood. What could be better than 48 hours of girl time, learning how to be a better wife and mother?

In my book, not much.

Well....maybe sitting in an Italian Ristorante gorging myself with eating authentic Tuscan cuisine with my Hubby sans children while on an exclusive 2-month cruise of the Mediterranean....

"This is the's a beautiful night....and they call it Bella Notte....."

Name that movie. $250 in Merritt Money.

{Hello? Would someone get this woman back on track please? Sheesh. How easily I am distracted....}

In the *ahem* real world, not much could be better than increasing my knowledge of these two subjects that I am so passionate about.

So, tomorrow morning (at 5:15 a.m., no less--ACK already on the lack of sleep!!) I am headed off with six of my good friends. The Man of the House will be caring for the Little Men of the House, and I will miss them all dearly.

{I wonder if they will miss me? I wonder--with the loads and loads of fun that will be had--if they will even know I am gone? *giggle*}

I can't wait to come back and hopefully share some of the things I learned with many of you other mommies.

Talk to you in a few days--have a MAH-velous weekend!!


Unknown said...

um. lady and the tramp. hello!

Unknown said...

dev we should have planned on going to different workshops and then compared notes after.
hey we are going through a really good study right now on wed. nights. I should let you read the articles. I think they are online on a blog somewhere. it is all about biblical productivity and our roles and.... I should just let you read it. really helpful lately. anyways... off the subject. maybe see you there! Rog got out of watching our kids. he is ice fishing right now. sneaky dog.

Mamasita Chimichanga said...

I can NOT wait! I feel a major POST comin' on when I get home!!!

We are going to have a blast! I am always so anxious to get home and try out all the "techniques" that I have learned!

Gotta go pack.....
Kacy =)

PS: Bring your bathing suit....hopefully there's a hot tub! =)

Nancy said...

Enjoy!! Sounds like it will be lots of fun! :)

Kara said...

I can't wait to hear about it! I wish I could go to! Is it too late to fly in :) Can't wait to read all about it! Enjoy!

Kirst said...

Have a great time. Sounds like fun.

Unknown said...

ok thanks for the swim suit reminder. I know our place has one! where are you guys staying? maybe its the same place. country inn and suites???

Molly said...


We know that movie (Lady and the Tramp) SO WELL that we were stopped at a traffic light behind an SUV with it playing on their DVD player and my children were quoting word-for-word the lines the characters were saying.

Scary . . .


Julie said...

Oh DEV!! Hope you have a blessed time at your conference!

Can't wait to read all about it!!!

Brittany said...

HOH conference is AWESOME! I haven't been in a couple of years, but wow am I ever blessed when I get to go! Are you going w/ Ann? I'm jealous! Can't wait to hear all about it!

Carolyn said...

Please, please share all you learned on here. I gotta say, I am just a slight bit hurt that "I" wasn't invited. C'mon! :)