Sunday, May 3, 2009

Colin's always right

Colin is in this stage right now where things always need to be phrased in his way. In his terms.

Case in point:

Friday, I was shopping with the boys (a feat in itself) and my mom {Grandma MJ}. There was an *accident*, in which Colin, who was hanging off the end of the shopping cart, was *injured* a bit on his ankle. Let's just say that he came off of the cart; it kept going; he did not.

It looked pretty bad. Pretty scraped up. A good-sized scrape across the front surrounded by some road rash. But, he really was fine.

You know. Typical 'boy injury'.

So, last night, before bed, Colin showed his injury to Daddy. I think he was pretty much 1. stalling before bed and 2. looking for sympathy from Shane.....and he won on both of those fronts. Shane decided to doctor up the wound a bit, and put a band-aid on it.

To look cool, of course. Oh, yeah....and for the healing process. I'm sure that was a factor in there somewhere.

They were having a pretty spirited discussion about the injury, in which with Shane said,

"We need to cover up that cut, buddy."

To which, Colin replied:

"No Daddy. It's not a cut....

I like to call it, "cart damage"."


Shelly said...

ha! cart damage!

Kara said...

really...we are so there with you! I pray Colin doesn't correct you with as much attitude as Caden does!

Carolyn said...

Ha! Seems liek my boys have had their fair share of recent "cart damage" in varying forms. We are working on having a "oh, this hurts" - tough response! Not that I am against tears, but a little less drama please.

By the way, thanks for the heads up on my recent posts where pics didn't show up. I went back and fixed it.

Have a great day,