Saturday, September 26, 2009

Good choice


Mommy walks into the dining room after Colin has been working on yet another one of his 'projects'. There are markers, crayons, scissors, cardboard, construction paper, glue, glue sticks, colored pencils, another set of scissors, and scraps of paper everywhere. (This mess was left after repeated cautions from Mommy to 'make sure you pick up after yourself when you are done with your project'.) Oh, and, of course--smack in the middle of the table? One completed masterpiece of Colin's.


Mommy: "Colin? Cooooo-liiiiinnnn...."

Colin: "Yeah?"

Mommy: "Please come to the table."

Colin trudges down the hall, and into the dining room.

Mommy: " you see the absolute mess you left all over the place from your craft stuff?"

Colin, seeing my face and, ahem, sensing my displeasure, replies: "Yep, I sure do....and I think I just may do something to fix it."


Leanne said...

Those boys of yours!! How could you have a sad day with them around??

That's soooo funny and so adult!!

Aim said...

aaaahhhhh the teacher has taught him well!!!!! oh and he sounds just like you dev. I can see his expression on his face while he is saying, "I sure do" let me guess, he closed his eyes and nodded while he said that with his lips together??? maybe, maybe not but I have seen that look before when he agrees. too cute!