Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My main squeeze turns the big 2-9

This past Saturday was Shane's birthday, and we celebrated by taking the whole family out to Famous Dave's for dinner.

You always know that when you take small children out to dinner, there are going to be 'interruptions.' It's just to be expected, right? Well, this meal was no different. Between Shane, Grandma MJ, and myself, we were in the bathroom--count 'em--seven times with the boys. And they were not all, ahem, quick trips.


But, we had fun anyway, and enjoyed some great food. Here are a few pictures!

My handsome hubby with Grandma MJ

Grandma and Colin

Cameron and Daddy

Mommy and Ethan

Here's Cameron, trying his first ever Famous Dave's corn muffin.
Needless to say, he loved them.
He only ate two and a half of them all by himself.
And he asked for more....several times....
How am I gonna feed this boy in five years?

Ethan spent every photo opportunity turning his head and
attempting to 'hide' behind his blankie. Stinker.
You can see him smiling here, even though he's trying to hide it!

Me and my mom

Ha! This picture cracks me up.
One of Shane's and my favorite things to do when we go to FD's is to get out a paper towel and line up all of the different BBQ sauces to 'taste-test' each one (*for the 18th time*) before the meal comes out. We decided to give the boys a shot at it, and Colin didn't quite get the idea at first. This was him giving Shane the "Huh? I'm supposed to do what with all these red piles?" look.
He warmed up quickly, though, once he started sampling. *grin*

In honor of Shane turning 29 years old, I thought I would list
29 random things that I love about my main man:
  1. He is majorly, undeniably handsome. *sigh*
  2. He is so very funny, and has the greatest smile I've ever seen.
  3. He is the handiest guy EVER. Nuf' said.
  4. He leaves me little notes written in soap on the bathroom mirror.
  5. He is a hard worker,
  6. and a wonderful provider for our family.
  7. Even when he is dead dog tired after work, he is still willing to "Play soccer with me Daddy!" when a little one asks.
  8. We pretty much never argue. I'm so thankful for that.
  9. He has never, not once, complained that my mother still calls him "Shane-y Wayne-y" after all this time we've been together--even though I'm quite certain it probably embarrasses him. *giggle*
  10. He takes genuine interest in the things that are important to me.
  11. He corrals all three of the boys every church service by himself, so that I can serve by playing the piano and singing in the choir. That is no small feat.
  12. I trust him completely, and he trusts me completely.
  13. He'll take a child to the bathroom at a restaurant seven times and never say a cross word about it. *grin*
  14. He makes an effort to 'date me' every week, and do special things like weekend getaways every once in a while.
  15. He goes shopping with me and never rarely complains.
  16. He doesn't mind that I get a little psycho (over various things) every once in a while, and is always willing and able to talk me 'back off of the ledge', so to speak.
  17. He tells me I'm beautiful--and I know he really means it.
  18. He loves my cooking. Or, at least, always pretends he does.
  19. He laughs at my jokes. Even when they're terrible. Which is frequently.
  20. He takes care of me when I'm sick. Even the gross kind of sick.
  21. When he laughs--I mean really, really uncontrollable-tears-rolling-down-your face laughs, he sort of has this high pitched 'hee-hee-hee' sound. It's the best sound ever.
  22. He's ticklish on his neck and armpits. (See #21.)
  23. He protects me. If I even think I heard a noise in the night time, he's up and checking the house. I always feel very safe with him.
  24. He cleans the shower for me (one of my most dreaded household jobs) and always takes out the trash (the other one).
  25. He always knows what clothing will look good on me. His clothes always look better than the ones I'd pick out for myself.
  26. He's a great gift giver.
  27. He's romantic.
  28. He's most certainly my better half.
  29. He's allllllll mine.
I love you so much babe! Happy (Belated) 29th!


Julie said...


That was SO SWEET I think I just threw up a little. HA!

And tell Shane I promise I will NEVER call him Shane-y Wayne-y when we meet, no matter HOW much I REALLY want to. :)

Oh yeah, and I'm totally jealous that you guys went to FD's. We haven't been in a while. Tonight I'm making due by making "faux" FD's BBQ chicken sandwiches. *sigh* I may even make corn muffins.

BTW - Lookin' good, Mama!!

Natalie said...

What a great wife you are listing so many wonderful things. I noticed how much it made my husband help out when I would compliment him.
You look great BTW pregnancy agrees with you :)

Happy Birthday !!

Anonymous said...

To the best EVER son-in-law!!! I love you Shaney Wayney! :)

Mamasita Chimichanga said...

Aawww... you've got yourself a good guy! He has so many qualities that Dave has, so I know EXACTLY how much you appreciate him! Us women, aren't always easy to put up with! Glad you had a great birthday with him! =)

rameelin said...

I ADORE that picture of you two! And the boys are oh so handsome as well. You look gorgeous and your mom is BEAUTIFUL! I love your heart and your family.
Your boys are growing!!! So so cute!

Amanda Hoyt said...

That pic of you two is so cute!
Happy (Belated) Birthday, Shane!