Sunday, September 27, 2009

Biting sarcasm

Tonight we came home, and I really just wanted something quick to fix for dinner. After rummaging around a bit in my freezer for whatever on earth I could find consulting my wonderful and ever-so-organized menu, I pulled out some chicken nuggets that I had forgotten about. I knew right away the boys would love them--they were in the shape of dinosaurs.

I cooked them up in the toaster oven, got their plates ready, and served them to the boys. I warned them, first thing, that the nuggets were very hot, but my boys have a tendency to be like me: ignore the warning, dive right into the food, and scald the roof of your mouth so badly that you can't taste most of the rest of your meal due to your semi-melted skin.

After the warning, I walked away, and right away, I heard Colin yell, "Ouch!"

I knew it, I thought to myself. He's already taken a bite and burned himself.

"Did you burn yourself, buddy?" I asked him.

To which he laughingly replied,

"No, Mom! The dinosaur just bit me!"


Mamasita Chimichanga said...

Ha! That's great! We had dino nuggets tonight too! My boys enjoy biting their heads off and "drowning" them in their mashed potatoes and gravy! Such violence at the dinner table!!!

Have a great week!
Kacy =)

Leanne said...

Man, would I love to be in your house during these times!

I can't believe the stuff your boys come up with, it really is hysterical!

Rachel said...

Love the dino nuggets!

That is the cutest thing I've read all day. :) Gotta love boys!

Julie said...

Those boys are just so cute!