Thursday, September 24, 2009


Yesterday, Cameron had to go 'potty'.

At the exact same time when Cameron was ready for this Mommy's help in the bathroom, Ethan had an 'incident'.

The following occurred:

Cameron, from his bathroom: "Mommy, I'm done!"

Me, from the other bathroom: "Okay, Cam, I'll be there in a minute!"

A minute passes....maybe two. Still helping Ethan get cleaned up from his incident.

Cameron, again: "Mommy, I'm do-ooooone!"

Me: "Cameron, okay, I know....I'll be there in just a minute!"

Another couple of minutes go by. Almost done now. Washing hands, changing clothes....okay. E is all clean.

Cameron, once again: "Mooooo-ooooooom!! I'm alllllllll dooooo-ooooooone!!!!"

Finally, after several promises of, "I'll be right there", I enter the bathroom to help Cameron get off of the potty.

Mommy: "Cameron, I'm sorry it took me so long to come and take care of you. Ethan had an accident, and I wasn't able to leave him and come to you right then. I came as quickly as I could. I'm sorry, buddy."

Cameron: "That's alright Mommy.....I'm gracious."


Leanne said...

Ah ha.

I see. He's already starting out in life with a very high opinion of himself!!


Robin Bair said... cute. :) he has grace for you. aren't you a lucky mommy. Can you tell mine to have grace when i'm tending to the other please? lol time...i hope.