Monday, October 4, 2010

Because I want to remember his concern for his brother

Cameron came out of his room today during naptime.

He was very agitated, and when I asked him what was the matter, he replied:

"Mom...there is a fly buzzing around in our room.  An icky one."

{Is there a non-icky fly?}

I thought maybe it had kept him from napping (with all the *extra-loud-buzzing* that that fly was doing, you know), so I voiced my thoughts to him.

"Oh, no, Mommy. The fly wasn't bothering me. It's just that..."

"What Cameron? What's bothering you so badly?"

"Well, we need to go in there and get that fly out. Ethan is sleeping with his mouth open....and I don't want that fly to get in there!"


Julie said...

Ha-haa, What a hoot! :0)

(My Grandma used to sleep in the chair with her mouth open... we called her the fly catcher!)

Unknown said...

hahahahahahaha. as hilarious as this is, its also extremely cute!!!! he was so upset to think that ethan would eat that fly. that or it grossed him out like it just did me. :)GAG! ;) so cute! Love that kid!

Leanne said...


Is there ever a dull moment at your house???

Ha, I'm just chuckling here!

Too funny!

Kathy said...

So, so sweet! Laughing.