Saturday, October 23, 2010


The following conversation took place tonight, while Cameron and Ethan were playing the Wii.  Cam was doing well; Ethan was not.

Cameron: "Whoo hooo! Mom, Ethan just bowled a gutter ball!"


Me: "Cameron, we want to cheer for Ethan. We want to hope that he does a good job in everything he does. It's really not very nice to be happy when someone messes up."

Cameron: "Yeah.  That's what 'boo-ya' means...


Amanda Hoyt said...

O MY GOSH! That is too funny! Where do they learn this stuff?!?!?! LOL
Love ya'll!

Jenny said...

LOVE IT!!!!!

Your conversation with your boys sound just like our conversations at our house!!! Oh how fun it is to be the mom to BOYS!!!

Roger said...

That's hilarious. Cammy's an endless supply of one-liners.