Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Four more weeks

Last Thursday, we took Ethan back to the orthopedist. Because he seemed to be in no pain and was moving around really (really really) well, we were almost certain the doc was going to say, "We're taking this cast off for good today!"

Unfortunately, we were wrong. Instead, after the removal of his first cast and new x-rays, we heard:

"The break was more significant than I thought.  He is healing really well, but we still have a ways to go. We'll put another cast on today, and then I'll have him come back to check the progress in four more weeks."


Not what this Mommy was hoping to hear!

Ethan has been doing wonderfully.  His second cast, however, has worn down quickly (leaving plaster bits behind all over my house for me to freak out about Lola choking on). The padding never seemed quite right to me--overly thin--and when I noticed bruising at the top of his thigh where the cast meets his skin and a blister by his toes, I called the doctor.

Yesterday morning, he looked like this:

{He chose black and red last Thursday--and we all made sure to sign it right away!}

Yesterday afternoon, after another trip back to the orthopedist, he was recast again; this time, in ILLINI colors, and looked like this!

Our tech was so great. She gave Ethan and Cameron some surgical gloves to keep them busy during the casting process.  They had a great time with them!

Ethan was a little down at first--I can't blame him, as this whole process has been a LOT 
for any three-year-old to handle--but I was quickly able to get a smile out of him! 
(That may or may not have been with the promise of a milkshake after lunch. Ahem.)

While doing a couple of errands over in Champaign (after all, we had driven quite a distance to get over there--who says we can't turn a bum trip into a useful one) I quickly discovered that were quite the sight.  The double stroller had been accidentally left in the garage, so I had no choice but to load both Ethan and Lola into the front of the single, all pink stroller--with Ethan's broken leg sticking straight out.  Neither one could fit in the buckles, so I kept having to stop every ten feet (when Ethan would say "Lola's trying to slide out, Mommy! Lola's trying to slide out!") to sit Lola up and readjust Ethan's arms around her belly, giving the same admonishment each time: "Now, hold on tight Ethan. Hold her tight!"

Note to readers: no matter how well you instruct him, a three-year-old's arms do not, I repeat, do not work nearly as well as the factory installed buckles in a single stroller.

We were getting lots and lots of double takes and "Awwww!" 's.  This was all while trying to maneuver--speedily, 'cause Lola was losing her shopping *graciousness*--around the crowded aisles and not slam Ethan's leg into any of the racks or shelving or purses or dishes or glassware or frames or shoes.

It wasn't as much fun as it looks, people. Trust me.

After lunch, we headed back home. Ethan celebrated his new cast by playing some football in the yard with his brothers--yes, I am serious.  He moves around so well with a cast on.  It's crazy!

He's so proud of the new colors....

We love you E Ry! You are doing so great.  Hang in there--these four weeks will (hopefully) fly by!


Jenny said...

What a trooper! Love the colors on his cast too! Praying the next four weeks FLY by!

Bethany @ Our 4 Sons Plus 1...Super Cute Girly Girl said...

Oh no! I remember that same sinking feeling when Jonah had to be recast again and again...bummer! But the colors are very, very cool! Hoping the next four weeks are over in a flash!

Kara said...

Love the new colors! You guys doing like you were quite the site! Don't worry, I got lots of looks at walmart because I had Crosby in the sling and had to carry Cole at one point! Craziness! Praying for E and you as you care for him!

Theresa said...

He really is Ethan the strong! :o) Love the new cast E Ry!!

Carolyn said...

Awwwwwwww - poor kid.

I gotta thank you, tho, for the laugh as I visualized your stroller situation. Must have been a whole lot of fun - did you make any great purchases?