Saturday, October 2, 2010

Soccer Saturday

Saturdays in September and October are filled with one of our favorite things--SOCCER!

Cameron plays with the U6 team, and Colin plays U8. The boys do a great job, and I must say Colin has the most handsome coach I've ever laid eyes on! *ahem*

Getting a little advice from Coach Daddy

Cameron and his friend/teammate Reef

Soccer is during one of my favorite seasons--Fall. It's amazing how we can go from watching the soccer games in short sleeves and shorts (picture taken the first week of September)....

{Ethan, giving me his normal I'm-up-to-no-good look} (this picture taken today) three layers with sweatshirts and hats!

Cameron is doing excellent for his first year.  Much, much better than we could have expected! He has scored several goals, including three today!

Goals #2....

....and #3!!

I love love love how he and his teammates get so excited when they score. It doesn't matter who scored--in this case, Cameron's friend Nathan (to his left) scored--but Cameron was just so happy for him!

It's so cute to watch!

Colin is doing better each game as the season progresses. I think he found moving up a little difficult.  The kids are much bigger than on the U6 league, and I'm sure it's a bit scary! (There are some tall eight-year-olds out there....) Shane has kept him on defense for most of the season so far, but today moved him to offense--and shortly after, he scored! His first goal of the season--it was awesome!

{Mommy may or may not have embarrassed him on the sidelines.}

It's been a great year so far--we can't wait to see what October will bring for this soccer-loving family!


Faith said...

Your man has got skilz!!
I always liked the pictures on the blog that the two of you have taken in various places while on get-away weekends and such. I always thought Shane must have very long arms in order to get the two of you into each picture but this one really takes the cake!!

Shelly said...

oh my word--love the pictures! so cute!

Kara said...

Love all the pics! Go boys go! wish we were all on the same team so we could cheer together! Shane and Cory would be a great team of coaches, and once Carter and Ethan start playing we would have our own team right?!?!