Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Not at all Wordless Wednesday

Alternately Titled: "Why it possibly scares me to death that we are going to have another girl in this house."

I mean, really--do we need two of us who talk this much all day?

{And, by the way....notice how this man responds to his daughter--the smiles, the eyebrow raises, the head nods, the rubbing of the eyes....this is the spitting image of Shane's responses to me when I talk to him for longer than, like, 3.2 minutes. Now my poor, sweet hubby has to suffer two of us under the same roof?}

I can't stop replaying it....and I can't stop laughing! Happy Wednesday everyone!!


Julie said...

That was flippin' hysterical!

And I can SO relate to the "look". I get it to. Often when I'm talking to Ande about conversations I've had with you. HA HA HAHAHAHAHAHA

Good gravy girl, I wish we were neighbors!!

Julie said...

OOPS - that would be "too". Gosh, I HATE it when I make errors and don't notice them before I hit "publish". UGH.

Natalie said...

we must admit that if given the green light to talk all bets are off right :) LOL this was too funny.

Kara said...

add this to the list of why cory shouldn't want a girl...he can't handle my talking!

Anonymous said...

That's got to be one of the funniest things I've ever seen!!!