Monday, September 21, 2009

Another unwelcome visitor

We've had our snake issues here. If you're a long time visitor of this blog, you know all about the one we had living in our wall shortly after we moved in.

Yes, folks. The snake in the picture below is real. It is alive. And, it is in my front yard. That's my lawn chair you see in the upper left hand corner, where I was actually residing quite happily up until this little fellow jaunted over.

Shane and the boys were in the front yard playing baseball a few days ago while I watched
semi comfortably from my lawn chair. All of a sudden, I could tell that something in the street had caught Shane's eye.

He stopped what he was doing and quickly walked over.
Then, he hollered. "Hey boys! Come check out this snake!"

Quick as lightening, however, the snake veered off his course and headed in our direction. He had apparently decided that he wanted to come closer to us. To me.

Within about 10 seconds, that snake was about three feet away from us--with only Shane standing guard between him and our house. (He had intentions of going inside and living in my crawlspace or my walls again....I just know it.)

The boys watched from a few feet away.

See it? In the grass, the big black thing? *shudder*

Then, Shane yelled over to me. (Oh, yes--by this point {actually, much earlier than this point} I had abandoned my post at the lawn chair and had run over to the safety of the driveway.) He needed me to bring him a shovel. He quickly,
ahem, took care of the snake, while I shuttled the boys away towards the front of the house so that they wouldn't see the murder disposal.

Then, of course.....boys will be boys. It was time to get a closer look.

I love the look on E's face here.
"Are you serious? You want me to touch that thing?"

Colin and Cameron were a bit more brave....

Another 3 1/2+ footer.

Ew, ew, ew.


Julie said...

Girl you are so brave!!

I decided I wanted to move after Kylie found one outside, it was little. Really little! I was still freaked out and GROSSED out!!! Last weekend we were at a friends house playing in the yard (barefoot mind you) and the next day he was mowing and there was a massive snake nest right where we had been! He invited us back over this past weekend but I had to pass, it was just too soon!

I think I would have had to move soon as you found the one in the wall... and I think my hubby would have agreed, I love that he hates snakes too! But I really love that he is the man and it is too bad, he's killing the thing, NOT me! :0)

Leanne said...

Wow, that isn't exactly a teenie little garter snake now, is it?? What kind of snake IS that, anyway??

I'm not afraid of snakes, but if I saw that come near me, with its head all reared up and stuff, I'd run too!

Yeah, I guess you do have snakes in your neck of the woods!

Stay strong!

Unknown said...

aaaahhhhh uuuggghhhhh!!!!!!! NO WAY! I am sorry but I would be telling this post without pics because I wouldn't be able to stand still outside long enough to take pics of the ugly, slippery beast!!!!! I am getting chills just thinking about it!!!! sorry. not moving to the country any time soon!

Mamasita Chimichanga said...

Ew. Super Major Nasty. I've got goosebumps. Ew!

The Swenson Family :) said...

Ethan's face is HYSTERICAL!!! LoL

Jen said...

Yuck, yuck, and more yuck!!!

Robin Bair said...

you're the 2nd blog i follow that's posted about an unwelcome black snake this week.....ewwwwwww

Jay said...

I suppose next you'll be complaining about mice in your house. When that happens, a mouse eating snake doesn't sound so bad does it?

And tell us the truth, who's more afraid of it, you or Shane?

Love you Dev.