Friday, September 18, 2009

The kid's got a point....

I am turning into a talk radio* fan.

*conservative talk radio, that is....

{Does this mean I'm turning into an old person?}

The other day in the car, I had tuned in to one of my favorite programs--Dave Ramsey.

Dave, I believe, gives some pretty solid advice on financial matters, though he has a tendency to get 'riled up' on occasion. Those occasions would include times when people openly admit on the air that they are not being the 'brightest' with their money choices.

On Friday, Dave could be heard saying something along the lines of:

"You are making a stupid, stupid choice. This is just a stupid thing you're doing...." to a caller (who ended up agreeing with him by the end of the call, by the way.)

That's when Cameron piped up from the backseat:


"What, buddy?" I said.

"That man on the radio is in trouble. God does not like it when we call people stupid!"


The Swenson Family :) said...

Hahaha! Cameron is so funny! Kids are so concrete with stuff like that, huh? LoL

Plus...I LOVE Dave Ramsey!! AND Talk Radio :) I miss my job delivery motors, bc I don't get to listen to Rush and Sean Hannity anymore! :) LoL

Meghan said...

Too cute! I love Dave Ramsey....and he was probably right. They were probably making stupid financial choices....

He doesn't mince words, does he?

My 9 year old watches his show with my husband and asks a lot of questions....He ought to be financially intelligent by the time he reaches 18, as many questions as he asks. He knows more at 9 about credit and debt than most 25 year olds!

(He told a lady in the store the other day that his mom doesn't use credit cards, because we don't pay money to use money that isn't ours. She gave him a strange look.)

Robin Bair said...

don't cha just wanna bottle them up and keep them sweet, honest and straight to the point forever?

Aim said...

I seriously don't mind that guy but if I listen to talk radio I start to get a panic attack. NO JOKE! I can't handle it!!! Not even sports radio. can't handle it!!!!!!!!(just a little bit of info) I know. tmi.

Sandy said...

I love Ramsey. He is SO funny!