Monday, February 16, 2009

The dialog a three-year-old can come up with....

Cameron looked terribly sullen on the way home from lunch today. I couldn't, for the life of me, figure out what was wrong with him.

We had a chance to go and have lunch with Daddy, which is always a treat. The boys absolutely adore Shane, and they soak up every chance they get with him during the day, because those times can be few and far between.

After lunch, we all said goodbye to Daddy and headed off to the park.

(What? What's that you say? Oh! Yes, yes....I should earn "Mother of the Year" for taking my boys to the park on a day when you can see your breath! I totally couldn't agree with you more, and thankyouverymuch for saying that.)


However, on the way there, I noticed that, despite our impending park visit, Cameron looked awfully sad. I mean pooched-lip-out-to-Indiana, if you must have details.

So, I asked: "Cameron? What the matter baby? Are you sad?"

Cameron replied with a giant *sigh*, and then said, "Yeah, Mommy."

"Honey....why are you sad? We're going to the park!!" I said, trying to be cheerful.

He looked at me.



"It's just that....Daddy's gone, and now I do not have a happy heart."


Shelly said...

aw, poor little lamb! there is nothing like a little daytime-daddy-time to refresh the soul!

Jen said...

Awwwww. . . poor Cammy! And, you do get an award for going to the park today!

Julie said...

That boy is just precious.