Sunday, February 15, 2009

The letter "E" "F" and "G"

I realized today that I haven't done a Letter Project post in a while. So, in the interest of keeping those who want to know up to speed on Colin's progress during learning you go.

The Letter "E"

Colin found:

  1. Someone eating
  2. the letter "E" from a scrabble piece
  3. someone exercising
  4. Elmo
  5. the earth {That one required a little help from me, simply because the beginning sound of the word is not at all consistent with the phonics of "E". I never realized until I started teaching the phonics of the English language how many words actually do not follow the 'rules' of phonics! For example: of ("Where's the "V" Mommy?"); to ("But there's not two "O"s, Mommy!"), all ("No, Mommy, it doesn't have an "O" in front of it. "A" says "aaaaa." It's "Al"."). I could go on and on....)
  6. an egg
  7. and an envelope

Up to this point, I was still printing all of the objects' names on the paper when Colin was done gluing.

That, however, changed with our last two projects, as Colin has been beginning to read and spell on his own. This, don'tchaknow, has been very, very exciting for me.

The "F" project:

Colin found the following items:

  1. a flag
  2. a couple different pictures of fish--goldfish, but still fish nonetheless
  3. a flower
  4. a couple of frogs
  5. a football
  6. feet
  7. fingers
  8. a fork

You can see on both of the pictures that he wrote the words all by himself. (At least, I hope you don't think that is my handwriting....) Colin sounded out as many as he could, and I spelled the rest for him and he wrote them down.

The "G" project:
Colin found:

  1. two guitars
  2. a gorilla
  3. a gift
  4. Grover
  5. a glove
  6. a pair of glasses

It truly is very exciting to watch him learn. He has come so far in just a few months! This (teaching him) is difficult for a variety of reasons--mainly, Thing 1 and Thing 2 who are constantly at my feet *giggle*--but it really is so rewarding to sit down with Colin and hear him read a book out loud to me. I feel so privileged that, even if I am not able to 'school' Colin forever, I got to do some of this fundamental early learning with him. We have great memories, that's for sure!


Julie said...

How wonderful! Colin is doing a great job (and so is momma!!)

Shaina N said...

That's wonderful! Do you not plan to homeschool much longer?

Once we have children, I plan on homeschooling them to high school... then let them decide what they want to do.

I'm a product of home schooling, so if you have any questions, let me know!

Its A Corny Life... said...

Finally catching up...Happy Very Belated Birthday! Ahhhh...I remember 30. It was one of my best, most fun years. Enjoy!

Jen said...

He's doing such a good job! During children's church, he didn't want to color his picture of David. I looked over and he was writing letters all over the back of the paper. He was doing such a good job that I just let him go to town!

Karie said...

Wow, he is doing such a great job for only 5!! Crazy. I hope Reese is doing that well at that age.