Thursday, February 12, 2009

My little mockingbird...and it's sounds so much cuter coming from him

Me, from across the room, to Colin:

"Colin, could you make sure to pick up all your blocks when you are done with them?"

No answer.


He's in the zone. Not ignoring me, just not hearing me. Still no answer.

I walk across the room, bend down to his level.


He finally looks up.

"Yeah, Mom?" he says, cheerfully.

"I would like you to make sure to pick up all of your blocks when you are done with them."

I know he hears my instruction, but he doesn't acknowledge me. His attention goes right back to the blocks, and I get no answer. I always want him to answer me out loud so I know he knows what I expect out of him.

"Okay?" I say, starting to walk away.

No answer. He is engrossed.

Walk back over. Bend down again.

Take his face in my hands and make him connect eyes with me.

"Okay, baby?"

He looks up at me, smiles, and says,

"O-kay, baby!"

Leave the room trying to stifle my giggles and hide my smile.....


Anonymous said...

hahhaa way too cute! "okay baby" haha little kids are too cute, aren'tthey!! -sioby :)