Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cameron's Birthday Party

I felt a little sorry for Cameron the night of his birthday party. At the beginning of the night, I started thinking that I should call it a "non" birthday party, because that is sort of how it was feeling! None of our family was able to come with the exception of Grandma MJ. Now, it was not like our family was ditching us or anything....there was just a lot going on elsewhere and people weren't able to make it. We knew that, and understood why people couldn't come.

When we were figuring out what to do about having the party for Cameron, we decided that we weren't going to do the 'invite tons and tons of other people' thing like we did last year--we just decided that this year, we were going to keep it small--family only.

We definitely succeeded in keeping it small. *giggle*

(By the way, though I in NO WAY felt let down by the family that wasn't able to come....{and this statement doesn't really apply to this particular situation at all}....I was giving things some thought and was reminded of the fact that when you can count on no one else, you can always count on your mother. Am I right?)

Though I felt sorry for him at first, and kept thinking to myself, "poor kid," Shane *ahem* gently reminded me that I was overreacting, because Cameron's three and he doesn't know the difference anyway. We gave the kid cake and presents, and he was happy. That's all that matters to a three year old anyway, he said.

After giving that a few minutes of thought, I came to the conclusion that Shane was right, because Cameron really did have a great night of presents and goodies. And that was my whole goal for the night--for Cameron to be happy!

First order of the night: Presents!

Ethan, digging on Cameron's new Bob and Larry puzzle....

....and, moments later, digging on Cameron's new dinosaur puzzle
What's in this big bag? Dinosaurs!

It took a matter of seconds before playtime began with these creatures
Cameron really, really loves his new dinos--he hasn't stopped playing with them yet!

From Gram Billenstein: a new farm set, complete with silos, a tractor combine, little farmers, and a grain semi! It is everything a little boy could want, right?
A new giant SEMI car-carrier from Grandma MJ, complete with 20 new cars!

And, you can RIDE it!

Dinosaurs can ride it, too
Ethan showing Grandma MJ his Cameron's new toy
The toy worlds collide--Farms with Dinos with Semis.

And they all peacefully coexisted together

(until tomorrow when everyone is fighting over whose is whose....)
Mommy, Ethan, and Cameron's very non-professional-but-made-with-much-love homemade birthday cake--a two layer extravaganza with dark chocolate fudge icing in the middle, and vanilla icing on top and around the sides!

Enjoying the cake

I'm not really sure who enjoyed the cake more--

Daddy or Cameron......


.....or Grandma MJ....
....or Colin, who couldn't quite seem to get it all with his fork

After cake, putting the new dino puzzle together
(and trying to keep Ethan from tearing it right back apart)


We did miss all of you long distance family that couldn't join us....but hopefully this gave you a bit of insight into Cameron's big day!


Kathy said...

Happy birthday sweet boy!

You know, I have to confess, as much as I dislike (and have a very deep disdain for) the fan fair people make of kid's birthday parties, there is something about celebrating my baby's date of birth that brings out the mama bear in me. I want it to be so absolutely special! Not with presents or party favors, or ridiculous things (like clowns...yikes!) but with joy and fun. I completely understand your desire to make your baby's day wonderful...I do the same thing and my husband says...the same thing. :)

And it looks like it was a VERY special day!


Shelly said...

yay for happy birthdays! and the cake looks yummy...i want some for breakfast...it's a good thing i still have maeve's cake in the fridge =)

Kara said...

Looks like our kind of parties, right down to the toys! Caden was looking over my shoulder and added all of the pictured gifts to his Christmas list. We are going to have to get a warehouse to store all he "wants" for Christmas.

Happy Birthday Cameron!

Kirst said...

Looks like you guys had a great time. I have to admit I am one of those parents that goes a little crazy with birthdays, on a budget of course. I like how happy everyone was. Thanks for the reminder it doesn't have to be a big hoopla.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pictures of the party on the blog!!! I'll have to get some copies for his scrapbook. Let me know if you want me to take back my semi or if you want him to have two. Love ya