Friday, October 3, 2008

The Letter B

This time, I wised up a little with the letter project.

Instead of making poor Colin leaf through every single remaining page of my Better Homes and Gardens, I went through it first and pulled out about 15 random pages that I spotted had something that began with the letter "B". Big, big time saver there. Plus, by about 130 pages in or so on project "A", his brain, I suspected, has started to shut down....

Poor kid. But I didn't realize before we actually did the project how long it would take, you know? I mean, I've got to give myself a break. I'm new at this whole teaching your child thing....I obviously will learn things along the way too! *giggle*

This time, it was a much quicker project, and one that I thought Colin got a much greater sense of satisfaction from. The fact alone that he didn't sit thumbing through the magazine for forever was big, but he actually did ALL of the finding, cutting, and gluing himself, with just a little "pre-help" from Mommy!

It was funny to listen to him, could hear him say, "buh, buh, bed....yep!" or "buh, buh, flower....nope." He really is starting to get the hang of phonics, which is exciting.

Here is what he came up with:

  • bowl
  • books
  • box
  • bear
  • bee
  • beaver
  • bird
  • blueberry
  • bed (and he wrote the word BED all by himself, too! I only helped him spell it)
  • bacon--this one he found and cut out, but somehow it never made it to the page! Must have ended up in the garbage pile, I guess; but I'm giving him credit for it anyway!

Colin actually found the box and the blueberry on the backs of pages that I had given him--and I never even noticed that they were on there. On the front of the pages--what I had seen and torn out for him to use--were the bed and the bear. But Colin turned the pages over and found the other things. He sounded them out, put it together that they started with "B", cut them out, and glued them on all by himself. Imagine how I felt when I saw that! It really is the coolest thing watching something you are trying so hard to get through to them actually click!

Letter "C", up next!


Julie said...

Such a smartie!!