Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday, Cameron

Because of computer trouble, I wasn't able to log onto the internet and do this yesterday. It's a day late, but certainly no less heartfelt. Click here if you would like to see Cameron's birth story and a few pictures of the day of his birth that I posted last year.

**October 14, 2008**

Three years ago, God blessed me with one of the four sweetest gifts I have ever been given. Cameron, I love you dearly--there is never a day that goes by when you are not the cause of fierce laughter in this house! You bring us so much joy, and I thank God every day that He chose me to be your mommy.

At 3 years old, you:

  • ride a real bike with training wheels quite well
  • can go potty all by yourself...but still need help putting your pants back on *giggle*
  • love dinosaurs, especially the T-Rex or, "sharp tooth," as you say
  • know all your ABC's, some phonics, and can count to 100 if I help you get started on each new group of ten (twenties, thirties, etc.)
  • like to color, paint, and play with Play-Doh
  • love to be outside doing anything
  • are a puzzle fanatic--you have YET to find a puzzle you can not master in just one or two tries
  • love all of the Veggie Tales, but CARS is still your absolute favorite movie
  • love love love trucks of all kinds: semis, tractors, cement mixers, garbage trucks....anything large that moves on four or more wheels! You can also correctly name many different trucks: combine vs. tractor is one that kills me every time. If I say, "Look, there's a tractor!" you say, "No, mommy, dat a combine!" .... and you are always right
  • Love food, and love sweets, just like your momma
  • Have a contagiously sweet personality that everyone around you can not help but love

Cameron and his friend, the "sharp-tooth" sharing some chips at Chili's

Cameron and Daddy, sharing a little nap time

Cameron loving his new balloon--the little things always make him happy!

Cameron and Mommy

Happy 3rd birthday, sweetie.

I love you mostest; I love you bestest; I love you!

(sooooo much)!


. said...

I thought it was someones birthday yesterday! It was my anniversary and I remember discovering that neat tid-bit last year (along with my birthday, yours and Ethans? Right?) Cameron is one adorable boy and by the pictures he looks like he is a lot of fun!

Happy Birthday!

Kathy said...

Awwwwwww! Love it!

Happy birthday sweet boy!

Unknown said...

Aawww! such a cutie!
Dev, was that actually you in the background in one of the pics just standing there and not behind the camera?
were you feeling ok that day?

hope cam had a great day!!!

Shelly said...

happy happy birthday!

Julie said...

Happy Birthday Cameron!!

I love that pic of him and daddy sharing a nap - PRECIOUS! (Did Shane wake up with drool down the back of his neck? LOL)

Karie said...

Sweet Cam. Hope you had an awesome 3rd b-day. Wish you could have been there with you. Love Uncle Jay, Auntie Karie, Reeser and Callen.

Kara said...

I am late too! Happy Birthday Cameron, you are too cute!

Kenzie said...


First of all, Deacon and Cameron are exactly 2 weeks apart- crazy. Second, they would be the BEST of friends. Everything you listed, that is my Deacon :) CARS- favorite!! Trucks, trains, semis, etc. What you said about the tractor/combine issue, I will say, look at that construction equipment, he will say- "No, that is a backhoe loader mama." And the puzzle thing... Deacon is a puzzle maniac and can put together puzzles that are too hard for me! :) They are awesome. Today he was in the shower counting and kept going til 20, stopped and then got to 29, I said 30 and kept going. We have some smart boys!



Anonymous said...

Cameron, Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy your cake today. Love you bunches!Grandma Nette