Sunday, October 19, 2008

Poor little Cameron

We have a saying at our house.

"If something is going to's going to happen to Cameron."

It really is true. I don't know what it is--clumsiness; just being 'accident-prone' (and he gets that honestly, let me tell you); if his weight is just not balanced proportionately or what--but this poor child gets hurt about 8 times more than my other two children combined.

And, many times, it is the result of freak accident. Like, when he lost his tooth, for example.

Case in point:

Three days ago, Grandma MJ got the boys new swords to play with. The boys love them, and they are FOAM, so so does mommy. :-) They can swing really, really hard at each other and do little to no damage. *giggle* They love to pretend to be pirates, so the swords are perfect.

Two days ago, Colin and Cameron were both up on the window seat in our front room, pretending to be Captain Hook vs. Peter Pan, and they were pretending that the window seat was 'the plank'.

Of course, our window seat is called just that because it sits right next to our three front windows, which, like most windows, are covered up by blinds. Ours are the kind that you pull a string to bring the blinds up and down. They are similar to venetian blinds, but ours are bamboo. Every morning when I raise the blinds and the cord gets really long, I hook the cord around the window locks so that they are not hanging loosely--every mom knows that that is a major hazard with little ones around, right?

So the boys are playing--and I was right there, right in the same room. I look up, and Cameron takes a hard swing with his sword at Colin.

It happened really fast from there:

  • Cameron swung his sword

  • His sword whipped around and got caught in the blind cord

  • The blind cord came loose from the window lock

  • The blind cord whipped around and got caught around Cameron's neck

  • Cameron lost his balance up on the window seat

  • Cameron fell off the window seat to the ground (about 18 inches) below

  • The cord that was around his neck whipped back off, causing this:

This picture, if you can believe it, looks much better than what the wound looks in person. The cord had almost a severing effect, and cut into his skin pretty badly. Ugh.

I, needless to say, was pretty shook up. Everything happened so quickly (like, literally in 3 seconds from start to finish) that I barely had time to react, and the rest of the day I just had visions of having NOT been in the room and the cord NOT coming off his neck as quickly as it did.....I am sure you understand where I am going with that.

Something happening to my children is, as most moms would say, one of my greatest fears.

Then (go back and check the picture again), seriously not five minutes later, this rock-hard bouncy-ball that Colin was playing with bounced up off the kitchen floor and right into Cameron's lip! Agh! It bruised it pretty badly.....the poor kid started crying all over again. It was a rough day, let me tell you!

But, praise GOD, he was okay, and I was just so thankful that it wasn't worse. The wounds are healing pretty nicely, but it just looks terrible! I just feel like people look at him when we go places and I need to say, "I don't beat this poor child, I promise...."


Unknown said...

OH MY GOODNESS! before I saw the pic I thought, "oh how bad could the cord be" until I saw his poor little neck! poor cam is right. hopefully this isn't a sign of what his life will be like when he gets older! always getting hurt. hopefully he will work at a desk or somthing. papercuts will be all he gets hurt on?????

Shelly said...

oh my word! poor little lamb! i feel his pain--i'm the accident prone one in my family too!

Kara said...

What in the world...being a mom of boys is never dull! I hope he feels better soon!

Kathy said...

Oh poor babe!!!

I read the story and then stopped in my tracks when I saw the picture!

This calls for mounds and mounds of ice cream!

Have you ever noticed the worst things happen when you're RIGHT THERE?!

I'm thankful little boys have angels. :) Glad to hear he's ok..

Julie said...

Poor Cameron! That looks like it hurt BAD! I have an accident prone one, too, and I know how it feels to be standing right there and have your baby still manage to hurt himself.

Good thing he's tough!

Anonymous said...

oh wow! ... the Lord was definitely watching over him...having you in the room at the time it happend...what a scary thought if you hadn't been -sioby

Anonymous said...

Grandma Nette just gave you a great big kiss. I'm sorry you got hurt.
Grandma Nette

Sharon said...

This sounds just like Noelle. Maybe it's a middle child thing! Of my 3 she is the one that has had to have a tooth extracted due to too much trauma. Poor guy. Hopefully this clusiness will be outgrown!