Saturday, October 16, 2010

Tree pictures: SUCCESS!!

Our tree has been one of the most wonderful things about our house since we arrived.

It is absolutely beautiful in the fall season, and gave me these great shots of my boys in the summer of 2008 and these in the fall of that same year.  These shots of the boys in the tree while the leaves were actually in full color still amaze me and are some of my favorites!

We have picnicked underneath and played all around it.  We have had impromptu photo sessions under it (after a dreadful ordeal at Sears....) complete with stick-poking and leaf throwing.  The boys climb it constantly--to heights that terrify me, of course--and love to be goofy in it.

Every year when the leaves begin to come down, I start to get sad--our tree is one of the last ones in our village to lose it's leaves, so you can be sure that winter is right around the corner.  Although, with the winter comes Christmas lights!  Shane puts up a beautiful display of lights in the tree--you can see it from several blocks away and we love coming home to it!  (And he usually takes them down before April....)

I was happy last week that, after failing a couple of times, I was able to get some shots I was really, really happy with of all of the kids.

Colin Matthew--my big *almost* seven-year-old

Cameron Douglas--my almost as big five-year-old

Ethan Ryan--three and a half

Miss Lola Claire--8 months

I love fall--and hooray for great tree pictures, once again!!


Amanda Hoyt said...

Loved looking back at old posts about your tree! Amazing :)
We have little itty bitty trees (compared to yours) b/c we bought a brand new house (gasp! 8 yrs ago!) and here when they build they cut down EVERY tree and then put back some cheapo pines and one oak that take forever to grow :(
We so want to get out of our tiny house for more room for all of us PLUS we'd love to have trees like yours!
Love the pic of the orange leaves!

Nancy said...

Great pictures, Devin! I am so glad that you were able to get all the pictures you wanted. Ms. Lola Claire is just a cutie! Her blue eyes are stunning. Drew and I comment how cute she is in her pictures all the time! :)

Believe it or not, our boys just climbed a tree for the first time last week at my parent's house. :) We don't have any trees big enough to climb in our yard, but Papa and Nana have a great little-boy sized climbing tree. They had such fun!