Friday, October 10, 2008

Boys in Trees

I've written a couple times before about my love of the tree that is in our front yard.

I've gotten some great shots of my boys in Our Tree before; here are the latest and greatest....

Ethan Ryan*, almost 2 years old

*affectionately nicknamed "E Ry" by his father (and it has stuck!); occasionally is still called "Baby E" by mommy; also goes by simply "E"

Cameron Douglas*, almost 3 years old

*a.k.a. Camburger; Cami Douglas; Cam Cam; or "you-little-stinker"

Colin Matthew*, almost *sniff* 5 years old

*a.k.a. Colly-Burger; Goose (as in Silly); but generally known as "Col"

I love our tree.


Anonymous said...

I love you and miss you!
Love, Grandma Nette

Julie said...

CAMBURGER!! I laughed out loud (complete with a snort!) when I read that.

I wish we had a climbing tree. Not that I would actually want my kids climbing in it, because I would be panicking the entire time...but that's a whole other topic!

Kara said...

just as with you previous tree are making me green with envy! I love boys in trees :)

. said...

Adorable boys and amazing pictures! And I love their nicknames too!

The Boe's ~ said...

VERY CUTE PICTURES. I think I'm going to steal your idea and go find a "tree" in the park (hee hee).
You're boys are getting so big!!!!!!

Kathy said...

Are you kidding me?! Could this be any more sweet?!

Simply Beautiful, beautiful boys...

I love the covert opps. names :)