Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Homecoming Parade

Last Friday, we had our annual homecoming parade here in our little hometown. We didn't go last year, because the parade is at 2:30 in the afternoon and the boys were napping; but this year, we had good reason for keeping everyone up: Colin was a part of the parade! His soccer team had a "float", so the rest of us plopped down on the side of the street to participate in the festivities, and to cheer for Col!

Just like opening night was, this is apparently another really big day for our community. I don't think there was a single person that didn't take the day off of work (or, at least, the afternoon) to be a part of the parade! Everywhere we looked, everyone was out--either in the parade or watching it.

All ready for the parade to start!

Ethan loved the fire trucks

Cameron loved the old cars

Ethan began checking out this yummy looking sucker....
....and then decided to eat it, wrapper and all

This is the side of Cameron that we spent most of the parade staring at.
Can you blame the kid? He was, after all, on a mission.
Here comes Colin's float! Pulled by the Terminix man
(who also happens to be Coach Tom) its...
The Salt Fork Storm U6 Soccer Team!! Whoot whoot!

Colin sitting with his buddy Devin

And there they go....

Ethan, not knowing Mommy is keeping a careful eye from behind, begins contemplating eating yet another piece of candy that is still in the wrapper even though he has been told not to more than a few times

And when I called his name.....he turned around, put the candy down, and gave me this look:
"No, Mommy! Of course I wasn't going to eat that candy. I'm much too innocent and obedient to do something like that. Perish the thought."

Of course, this is an election year, so we had several politicians in the parade. One was handing out nail files (with his name on it, of course) and Cameron picked it up and exclaimed, "But Mommy....this not candy!"

Apparently, the Storm take their floats pretty seriously....
Here is the 'Storm' Freddie Kruger getting ready to attack the poor Hoopeston Cornjerker that fell asleep a little too early on Homecoming evening *giggle*

And another not-quite-as-scary float

Ethan learned very early on in the parade that
a wave to the passing vehicles=CANDY

Ethan with about 3/4 of the 'loot'

Shane and Colin, pulling the stash out of the diaper bag....we got more candy at the Homecoming Parade than on the 4th of July!
Actually, I'd like to call this candy
"What I will be handing out to Trick-or-Treaters".....


Julie said...

Love the pictures...but what on EARTH is a corn-jerker?

Is that sort of like a corn husker? (If so, I still need some 'splainin' because I'm not entirely sure what a corn HUSKER is either.) Is it like shucking corn?

Enquiring minds want to know!

Kara said...

Love the candy loot...you guys did well! We are just now getting to that level, Caden and Carter go after it pretty well. We missed this year's homecoming parade :( but there will be another.

Also - what is a corn jerker? never heard that one before!

Karie said...

Holy cow, I can't believe they handed out that much candy, that's better than Halloween! You guys looked like you were having fun. I wish we had stuff like that here.

Unknown said...

what a way to get your halloween candy for the neighborhood! That's a great deal! you guys seem to be pretty busy and having lots of fun!

Unknown said...

what a way to get your halloween candy for the neighborhood! That's a great deal! you guys seem to be pretty busy and having lots of fun!

Kathy said...