Thursday, October 9, 2008

Missouri--Day One

We had such an amazing time during our trip to Missouri. It was over much too quickly, and we miss everyone down there already!

Here is a part of our first day in pictures. We headed down to Branson (about 45 minutes away) to see some sites....

Checking out the stuff I couldn't care less about goodies (and tons and tons of real--dead; stuffed; but real--very large animals) at Bass Pro. Actually, despite myself, I did really like this place....there was tons of cool stuff to see. It wasn't all *gasp* hunting and fishing!

The boys loved the fish tank....

.... and enjoyed the ride on the camo 4-wheeler (all except Ethan, who was getting majorly squashed by his brothers)

Cameron by the fish (again)

Then we went to (my kind of place) this really great shopping area called The Landing. There was a lady there who was doing balloon animals for the kids, and the boys were all absolutely enthralled by her!


(I love the finger on the chin move by Cameron....really shows just how hard he was paying attention to "Sugar, the balloon animal clown." *giggle*)
Ethan loved his little RolyPoly....

....and Colin loved his frog. (not pictured: Cameron's "sharp tooth" dinosaur, which he also loved *grin*.) These animals managed to stay alive and well our entire trip, despite many 'unfortunate incidences'....

Our lunch destination...The Fish House. It was wonderful!

Colin and Gram inside the restaurant

Cameron (who was really getting a kick out of something at this moment, but I don't remember what exactly it was) and Mommy

Ethan discovered that my headband enabled him to play a mean game of Peek-A-Boo

Fun at the fountain

The boys enjoyed this little car stroller much better than our normal one....we managed to fit all three of them into a one-seater!
Ethan's seat was especially comfy--the place you keep all the packages held him quite nicely!


Melissa said...

Wow..looks like alot of fun...and what a GREAT fish tank; so massive!!

Shelly said...

ah! looks so fun! i LOVE ethan's stroller seat--HA!