Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Random thoughts for the evening

For Julie and Kara who both wanted to know what a CornJerker were right on the corn husking thing! Hoopeston, our rival for this past Friday's homecoming game, is known as the "sweet corn capital of the world"--no kidding on that one--and their high school mascot is the CornJerker. I know....retarded. I much prefer our Storm.


By the way, in case anyone was wondering the outcome of the homecoming game....our Storm really did prove to be a nightmare for the CornJerkers. We blasted them: 53 to 12. *giggle*


Cameron got little confused tonight when Shane told him (during their shower) that he was going to wash his hair with some shampoo. Apparently, Cameron had some water in his ears or something, because he heard something somewhat different. To which, he then asked Shane this question:

"Daddy....why are you going to wash my hair with POO?"


In the last two days, I have taken my boys on two bike rides. One on Tuesday, and one today. Yesterday, Colin cut right in front of me (seriously, he turned on a dime) and I hit his back wheel. Let me tell wasn't pretty. I went down--HARD.

Yeah, it's funny. 'Till you understand that I had Cameron in a bike seat on the back of my bike, and Ethan in the bike trailer behind me. Now, Ethan's trailer (thank God) stayed upright; he wasn't scathed one little bit. However, just as I went down, Cameron--who was obviously very attached to my bike--went down, too.

The back of my left leg bore the brunt of the fall, however. Cameron managed to escape the whole scenario with just minor road rash on his left arm. Of course, this had to happen right in front of my neighbors' house (little old Mr. and Mrs. Fleming). They are sweet *retired* people who apparently sit and look out their windows a lot, because, not two seconds after I hit the ground, she came running. She was so sweet though; she made Cameron bend his arm so that she knew it wasn't broken *grin* and then we were free to go.

That was Tuesday.

Today, unbelievably, the same thing happened, except a bit of a different scenario--Cameron was on his own bike, and (maybe for spite? Retaliation?) this time it was he who cut me off (with Ethan in the bike seat). I sort of knew what was coming before I actually went down this time though, and managed--with the help of my right leg this time--to catch Ethan before he hit the pavement. Whew. Close one.

Guess where this happened? Yep. Right in front of the Flemings. Again.

My legs are seriously beat up and achy tonight. *sigh*


Speaking of achy....

My wisdom teeth hurt me for soooooo long after I got them pulled out. Well, to be clear--my left side hurt me terribly badly. My right side was fine. I was convinced that I had an infection or something, but the Doctor kept reassuring me that "after pain is normal for quite some time."

I wasn't so sure, but I trusted what he was telling me.

Everything has been healing up nicely, and for the most part, the pain has gone completely away.

Until the last several days.

That's when I noticed something didn't feel right again on my left side.

And then (because I kept running my tongue over and over that area) I noticed a little bump.

That bump turned into something actually poking through my gum.

Something very sharp and pointy.

That something turned out to be a large piece of wisdom tooth that got left behind.

See, the doctor had told me before I had the procedure that my roots were very close to my nerves; that he was going to use a jackhammer-like device to break up the tooth (I'm sure the tool is called something much more professional sounding--but that is literally how I felt when he was using it to get the tooth out--like a jackhammer was inside my mouth....


....and then, he was going to suck out the little tiny pieces with a vacuum-like device.

He warned me that a piece may get left behind. Well, it did.

After much *wiggling* and *digging* around back there last night, I was able to set the (hopefully) last piece free. It-seriously-is huge. About 1/2 the size of my nail on my pinky finger. I figured it was going to be just a little sliver....but it turns out that it left a hole in the back of my mouth that was comparable to the size of the original one left by the whole tooth.

YIKES. So, my mouth hurts a little tonight...

Hopefully, that is THE END in the chapter on my wisdom teeth.


I am so way behind on blogging. Which, is semi-ridiculous, 'cause I blog nearly every day! I still have yet to post about our trip to Missouri; my beautiful cousin Haley's wedding from this past weekend; and about 4 other things that have been going on around here. I don't know why, but lately I find myself saying--like, twice a day--man, I got to get that on the blog. Mainly, for my memory's sake....if I don't get it down right away, (most of the time) I will forget about it.

Does anyone know where I can find 2 or 3 extra hours in the day?


We--well, Shane--carved the coolest pumpkin EVER last night. I am totally going to post a picture of that soon. Someone remind me in case I forget to do that. The front of my house is all decked out for fall/Halloween, too. I love it. There is just something about decorating for fall that makes me happy. Happy, happy girl I am. I'll post pics of that too....


Finally, I am giddy. Deliriously, like a 4-year-old-in-a-toy-store giddy over what I am doing this weekend. For 8 years (nearly) I have been begging Shane to take me to an Illini football game. I grew up going, about once a year, and I love everything about it--the band, the cheerleaders (can't help myself--I could so do that stuff 10 years and 15 pounds ago), the hot chocolate and the crappy nachos and cheese....and of course, the big GAME!!

This weekend, the Illini are hosting their homecoming game against one of our Big Ten rivals, Minnesota--I totally got a wild hair when I heard about it and decided that I sooooooo wanted to go. I got on the U of I website and....the game is sold out.

Thank you StubHub, because.....

I got tickets!

They aren't the most fab seats in the world, but they aren't terrible either--and I am so there. Shane is coming too, but sheer force of my will. He doesn't seem nearly as excited as me (that's putting it mildly) but I know once I get him in the stadium he is going to have a great time. Grandma MJ is going to be holding down the fort here at our house, so we are free to have grown up day at the football field--I am counting the hours 'till kickoff!

Make sure to look for me on ESPN! *giggle*

Have a great night everyone!


Unknown said...

ok dev, so I must say that I kind of seriously really laughed hard when you talked about the biking incident. I only laughed because I can totally see all of that happening to you and I can see your face, comments, pain. all of it. oh devin,..... sorry but I did really laugh. pretty much about when you said you fell again in front of the same house. I am so glad that was you and not me. probably laughed too because I am so not there yet and mine are still on push bikes and strollers. so so sorry. love ya!!!!

Shelly said...

you have just convinced me to never take my babies biking and to not have wisdom teeth (mentally willing them away). yikes! =)

Unknown said...

ok dev, what other story are you talking about? I think I saw everything. are talking about the shampoo?

Kara said...

so many things to comment on...where to start!

Thanks for the corn jerk thing, I get it! We have some pretty odd mascots here in our neck of the woods, but that was a new one to me!

The bike story is just the reason I will not take the boys on rides without Cory. I can fall over on my own, much less if a young one cuts me off!

Can't wait to see future posts and pics of all your happenings! Just ignore the kids like I do and blog away...just kidding, our computer is in the playroom so I have a little easier time!

Have fun at the Illinois game! Oklahoma State (class of 2000) has their homecoming next week, but we aren't goign. I am a little bummed, but we decided maybe next year, Caden and Carter could go with us.

Okay, that is the longest comment ever! I will leave you alone now!

Lori said...

Hey Dev, you will have a blast at the ballgame!! They are having the big parade tomorrow evening, which is always a big deal on campus! Hope to see you soon!!


Melissa said...

Sounds like a yucky bike accident...I'm always so afraid to ride with all of my kids for that reason!!