Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas at Thanksgiving

Our family does "Christmas at Thanksgiving", like many families do. Here was our present opening session, in pictures!

Reese, smiling at the thought of some goodies coming her way!
Everyone gathering around, watching Cameron open his choo-choo set
Pretty sure he loved it!

Reese modeling her new PJ's

Callen got a new light-up noise-maker of some sort :-)

And Karie was thinking, "Oh great, something else that needs batteries...."

Olivia's new outfit and Veggie Tale movie

Cameron's new "my first scooter" from Grandma and Grandpa.
And, did you know that scooters are not necessarily an outdoor toy? Cameron has officially convinced me of it. He can ride up and down our hallway at the speed of light. (We just won't talk about the little nicks and dents he is leaving in Daddy's new drywall....)

And, Grandma and Grandpa were wise enough to purchase the matching CARS helmet and elbow pads. I'm pretty certain, knowing my sweet and generally not-so-gentle son (think bull in a China shop), that those safety items will be more heavily used than the actual scooter

E's new GIANT bulldozer (this is a great gift for a boy around 2, if you still have some shopping to do!) that he can be found pushing all over the house at any given time during the day
Oh, yes....and Grandma and Grandpa have officially turned Colin into a gamer with this wonderful Vtech Vsmile Cyber Pocket. He LOVES this thing! I love it too, 'cause he doesn't realize that he is learning while he is playing--I'm sneaky like that

Thanksgiving week always comes and goes so quickly, but it is the most wonderful time!


Kara said...

Love the cute pics! Caden wants a scooter so bad, but he has his mother's balance and lack of grace :) so we are waiting a bit! Also love the V-tech thing, we have one that Caden got last year and he loves it too! Love that he is learning! E looks so grown up with his bulldozer, I think we have one similar to that. Who knows what kind of boy digging toys are in my backyard, I can't tell them apart :)

Karie said...

Great pictures Dev. I can't believe it has almost been a month since we were down. WOW! How are you guys doing?

Julie said...

Looks like everyone got some great goodies!! I think Jib is like Cameron - she's pretty rough when she plays. Although, her head is so hard, WE need helmets to protect us from HER!! LOL

annies home said...

I think christmas at thanksgiving is a great idea for families I had never thought about that before