Sunday, December 7, 2008

I heart QVC

I am so excited. I love, love, LOVE to cook, and my pots and pans have finally bit the dust.

You may think that is an odd thing to be excited about, but here's the deal.

My mother is a QVC junkie. It's okay, don't worry--she knows it, and she would freely say the same thing. She has, in turn, turned me into a QVC junkie. (That is, I was a junkie until we moved into this new house two years ago and decided NOT to get cable.....that nipped my junkie-ness in the bud. But don't think I don't check the website everyday to find out what the Today's Special Value is. Just in case.)

Rewind about eight years ago to when my mom bought me my very first set of cookware--a 10-piece, non-stick set of Cook's Essentials with all the pieces a girl could need to cook some terribly burnt yummy and delicious first meals for her never complaining new hubby. The pieces, mind you, are guaranteed for LIFE by QVC. If you ever experience any problems--with the enamel coating, the non-stick, the handles, the lids, anything--you can send the set (or just the individual pan, whatever you are having the problem with) back to QVC and they will replace them with your same pan or an upgrade, if your specific piece is no longer available. Now that's a guarantee.

Fast forward to about a month ago, and you would find that my non-stick pieces are currently not-so-non-stick, and are looking less than desirable after eight years of serious use.

I decided that I was going to cash in on QVC's guarantee. After borrowing a few miscellaneous pieces to get me through until I got my new ones, I sent the entire set of pots and pans back to be replaced with brand-spankin' new ones.

Fast forward to a couple of days ago, and I get a call from a QVC customer service rep, saying that they got my old pans back and were ready to send out my replacement set; however, they no longer had my same set in stock; and would I please call them to give the okay for this new set that they wanted to replace mine with?

Fortunately for me, I couldn't okay the set they were offering me. It had all the same pieces that my old set did, except one very important piece--a 12" chicken fryer that I used tons. I expressed my concern to the representative about needing this pan in whatever new set I got, and then, she proceeded to tell me:

"Well, why don't you browse around on the site, find a set that you like, and give us a call with the item number."


"You mean, I can get whatever set I want?"

"As long as it's comparable to your set, you sure can."

Boy, that's something they don't tell ya when you buy the pans! I knew the guarantee was good, but sheesh!

Unfortunately for them, I didn't find a set within the regular Cook's Essentials line that had all of my same pans. I did, however, find a set in the Technique line--their mac-daddy, all new-and-improved, hard anodized, oven-safe-up-to-5oo-degrees line.

To bad it was more than double the price my original set was.

But....*sniff*..... it was the only set that had all my pieces! (Read terribly whiny)

I'm going to do it. I'm going to call them and see if they will let me get this set instead. There's no way on earth they will....this set certainly could not be considered 'comparable'....but it is sure worth a try.....

I am still in shock, still can not believe the great blessing God bestowed on me that day, and still can not believe that I am now the proud owner of this beautiful new set, complete with all of my same old pieces (except they are 100 times better) and a new square pan that I have totally coveted desired for years now!!



I heart QVC.


Shelly said...

ooo! yay for qvc! we used to be super addicted to HSN until we moved and we no longer rec. that channel--but now, we have upgraded to the most basic of cables and we have qvc, which we were watching today (b/c maeve found the remote, changed the channel and then lost the remote =)
we love QVC, it's like a happy little infomercial that never ever ends =) yay for your new pots!

Kara said...

how awesome is that deal! Yet I do find another difference in us...I really don't enjoy cooking, but I need to enjoy it since I have to do it so much. Maybe if I had some cool pots and pans like you, I would enjoy it more! Great story, made me smile, which I needed today :)

love you girl!

Julie said...

Oh Dev! Can I just confess right now that I am incredibly jealous? Not that I like to cook or anything, but I would really love a new set of pots & pans! My old set has some miscellaneous pieces from 12 years ago, plus a couple of odds & ends from Ande's bachelor days. My big pot is actually flat on one side from being dropped...LOL

Anyway, YAY for you for being able to get an awesome new set of cookware!

Julie said...

Ohh, I am jealous too! Great job Dev!! (on getting the pots, not making me jealous!) The pans look great, what an awesome deal. We've never had cable so I haven't really seen QVC, but I do love a good infomercial! I will stay up way too late watching them, even if I watched it a thousand times before! I have the miracle blade knives and love them, but they need a little help. Maybe I'll give them a call and cash in my guarantee too! A friend of mine got new pans at a black friday sale for $9, first her now you... maybe it is a sign?

Queen Bea said...

There has been all kinds of bad news coming out of QVC-land lately, so it's really nice to hear soemthing positive for once!

Congrats on the awesome cookware set! :-)

Anonymous said...

that is so cool! And yes, I can believe it as you obviouslt have the favour of God on your life! Enjoy your new cookware. xoxo

Homegrown Tribe said...

that's awesome! i've heard william sonoma does that too.


Mamasita Chimichanga said...

oh maaaan! I LOOOOOOOOOVE to cook and bake! (With a family of 8, you are out of luck if you don't like it!) I am drooling over the pots and pans now! Congrats on the good deal! Doesn't a good bargain just make your day??? Have fun breaking them in!

Kacy =)

Laurie said...

Wow! Talk about he who asks receives!

Kathy said...

Total score D.

Love the story..

Love the pans..

I'd love for you too pass on any grub made from those pans. ;)