Monday, December 29, 2008

Rockin' out

Rock Band. Do you know it? Do you love it?

I got my first taste of Rock Band on Christmas Day. My cousin Haley got it for one of her children as a gift, and the rest of the family certainly reaped the game-playing benefits! We had so much fun. I am a true music lover, and have played guitar hero many times--but this game takes it one step higher and adds drums (much harder than it may first appear!) and a microphone to sing along.

I'm officially addicted. Well, as addicted as you can be to something you don't have.

And, by the way, I refuse to personally own any games of this nature....'cause I've just got too many other things to do. I know that I would possibly never get anything done with this game under my roof. I can barely pass my piano without sitting down to play "just one song" and ending up being there for 20 minutes!

Our band throughout the day consisted of:

Cameron--he didn't much care for the song of choice at this moment
Cameron was on lead vocals (singing, most of the time,
Go, Tell it on the Mountain), Daddy was on guitar and Mommy and E were on drums

Haley and Colin took over on drums for a while

It's not pretty....but I'm posting it anyway. Not my finest hour, but....
I even tried to sing and play guitar all at once. I was barely successful, at best.

"What, Mommy? What? Oh, no, no....I did most certainly NOT just steal this microphone out of Colin's hand!"

Colin definitely enjoys the guitar the best.
I am going to have to start that child on some real lessons!

Switcharoo--Jason now on vocals. (I must was somewhat difficult to concentrate on drums through my laughter....) Seriously, Jason-- it was the best version of "Wanted: Dead or Alive" I've ever heard. Really.

What you don't see is Jason singing.

What you do see is Haley and Shane trying to play through Jason's singing!


I can't wait until New Year's Eve--our friends who just happen to own Rock Band and Guitar Hero and are going to bring it are going to come over and we're going to have a great time JAMMING OUT all night just sitting around and talking--whoo hoooo!


Anonymous said...

Dev-LOVE the picture of you with the mic stuffed in your shirt. Do you want us to bring the Wii on Wednesday or do you have another gaming system lined up?? We don't have Rock Band, only Guitar Hero. But, we now have carnival games. Those are pretty fun--and I can beat Tom! Rock on sister!!


Mamasita Chimichanga said...

Ha! That is too cute. I tried and can not concentrate without laughing! I think I need to try playing with LESS funny people! In real life, Dave plays drums, guitar, and sings. It was so funny when he sucked on everything besides BASS!!! The one thing he can't play! It's always good for a laugh though!

Julie said...

Dev-that's quite a microphone holding system you've got going there....LOL

I'm too chicken to play those kinds of games - or do anything that involves me singing in front of other people. Well, except the kids. Who don't care and won't laugh at how I sound. Except for that one time when Bug was about 2 and she told me to "Stop singing, Momma. You're hurting my ears!"

So I guess you can say I try to only sing for the 2 and under crowd.

However, hypothetically if we were to get together in say, CHICAGO at some point, I MIGHT get talked into playing a game like that. Maybe.

Anonymous said...

Okay....soooo we are DEFINITELY bringing Rockband. Hopefully we will get another taste of you trying to sing AND play the guitar :) Hahah.....

AND....our friend Cameron (the guy who is coming with us) is a bit of a dork ;) and he is AMAZING at all guitar games. Although it's not that much fun to play with him because he is so good. He can play some songs on expert and not even look at the screen!!! He is going to bring his Guitar Hero World Tour with the drums and everything!

I'm SO excited!!!! See you tomorrow!

Kathy said...

Oh my goodness!!! I am totally laughing!! Awesome!!Who knew the girls could be used for more than nursing?!!?

I love Guitar hero! We talked about getting a Wii, but didn't for similar reasons as yours (And well that money could go towards food and shelter..but I'm sure a wii ranks right up there..) :)

I'm thinking the Merritt family singers...hmmm... :)